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About us - The Mieczkowski Family


Pat plays the radio (and the violin!). He works full-time as an IT Business Analyst. Pat is a visionary who thinks ahead, but also a realist - he balances himself out :) In his "spare time", you can generally find him on the grounds (wood cutting/splitting, feeding our wood boiler), or spending time with his wife and kids.  We like to call him the dramatic one as he adds spunk and fun to everyday life.

Pat and Lorie (Dad and Mom) have been married for 30 blessed years, and are the driving force behind our family's passion for God-honoring music. They are most definitely the foundation keeping this family running, but they also realize God's care for every moment of our lives and show that throughout little household moments. Even though it's a full-time job, they work at keeping their children's hearts and are ready to counsel us from God's Word. We are so grateful for them.

Lorie is a pianist, and much of our motivation for the music in our family today comes from her own training in her earlier years. As mother of 10, she has a full-time job with all the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom (coordinating many busy schedules, planning meals, homeschooling those still in school, chauffeuring, shopping, working with finances, you get the idea!). She is always full of ideas and new opportunities, and we like to call her the eternal optimist.

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